Pascal and 3 other characters living in the streets of Paris

1- PASCAL (black and white drawings with ink and graphite on tracing paper)

Pascal is a homeless man in Paris who was spending his days on a bench and sleeping in a telephone booth.

When I met him the first time in April 2007, he was quietly reading on a a bench (his bench ) with a broken arm… I wanted to have a chatt with him but he said he was reading, I could not come just like that !

I came a few hours later and could sit next to him… We had a 2 hours conversation talking about life, hopes and disappointments.

Sometimes we kept silent,  looking at a lady sparrow who kept on coming close to him. he wanted to think she was his friend and tried to guess where her nest was.

He was very clear about his situation and his issue and mentioned with some humor he was suffuring from “abandonite aigue” or “acute abandonis”.

he allowed me to take some pictures of him. I came back in October the same year… and he was still on the same bench with the same broken arm. He was drinking beer and I was stroken by the change of his face which seem to be swollen and puffy.

Our conversation was not very coerent, he was probably drunk and I am not sure he recognised me. I got very upset by the thought of the coming winter. I never was courageous enough to visit this bench again.

I made this drawing in august 2009.


The same year I met AUREL, a very difformed man from Romenia who sang for me “Besa me mucho”, JEAN-CLAUDE who claimed he is the man who wore the costume of Casimir (!) and SOFIANE whith her strong facial toc on her damaged but beautiful face.

It is important to say they all agreed on me taking and showing those pictures through my artwork.









Berlin Exhibition @ WerkStadt Kulturverein

This exhbition happened in the Werkstadt in Neukölln, Berlin
First room

Silhouettes (Silhouetten) and Inconscious Creatures (Unbewusste Kreaturen) View the pictures


Concept:  Through this work, french Alice Baillaud seeks to identify or highlight the uniqueness of each person through an act as trivial as walking.  « I often think of french Blaise Cendrars, who said:

It is in what people have most in common that they differ the most »

At once unknown and  recognizable, these figures which we belong animate the streets and squares of our cities in an ephemeral and everyday way. The work itself is a very fine black and white work where the main tool used by the artist is a blade which allows her to sratch through the stains of black ink, make some very fine lines as the characters slowly appear. The transparency is very important: it brings another depth to the drawings printed on 1,70m translucid films.



Second room

The second rooms shows a serie of black and white drawings from the serie Inconscious Creatures




These drawings were made during her art residency in Bretagne (France) in the Manor of  Plessix-Madeuc  between March and June 2010.

Concept : A bit like one sees creatures in the clouds, Alice has been looking at  the surfaces of the Manor and has carried them on her sheets of paper. Thus,  the old wooden step of the stairs to her studio, the tiled bathroom,  some granite stone of the exterior wall etc. gave birth to the Unconscious Creatures.

More drawings realised in the Manor of  Plessix-Madeuc