2010/ La tour aux rêves d’enfants

Photos de la Tour aux rêves d'enfants
Video France 3 dans l'atelier

From October 2009 to February 2010, I stayed as an artist in reisdency with the “Fondation d’Auteuil”.
I chose to stay in one of those “houses” for teenagers placed by the  social services to understand better what it was like to grow in such a place. The question of intimacy, love, motivation and confidence in such a collective place caught my attention and I suggested to work on a “dreamt bedroom” for each of the 12 participants. The 12 models where then put together in a 3, 70 m. high “dancing”, mirrored Tower: “the tower of the children’s dreams” (La Tour aux rêves d’enfants). 


Chambre rêvée de Clément, 11 ans

Workshops and construction of the models of the “dreamt bedrooms”