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fleshy back


Translation :

Maybe in the beginning, there was..

a hole, an anus, a navel, a scar, a void

Or … a passage, a crater, a well?

This is a ripe and juicy fruit…No, this is a fleshy buttocks,  a strong back … No, this is a natural turgescent organ… No, this is a sex toy.

 Trouble – Attraction, Disgust, Fascination,Delicacy

 The fruit, Organ (Body?) of species reproduction, contains seeds, carries life and makes my mouth water.

 I am …

Série Désir II from alice baillaud


fleshy back

Série Désir, Dessin N°12

Video I


What are you thinking about ?

Is it a fruit? flesh? sex?

A scientific illustration?

I think about the word sensuality.

Sensuality, is the suggestion of Desire.

And desire may be the sublimation of anxiety.

 I think about a pregnant woman, a womb, an egg, fertilization.

Mystery of desire for a child …. mystery of sexual desire.

I think about penetration.

An egg penetrates the flesh of the uterus to fasten … if not it falls.

Série DÉSIR I from alice baillaud.