“Le SOUFFLE” or “Breathtaken” video to feel what it was to go through, in and around the art installation

This video is made by Et Maxence

Description of the project “LE SOUFFLE”:

With her Art work, Alice tries to layout the spirit of a place through the people who work or (and) live there.

For this reason, the Maison des Arts of Évreux has charged Alice B. to set up an installation for their 30th anniversary. During 3 months, she observed, registered stories, and asked to be given any objects which would talk about the link between people and the place. She discovered that this “Maison” was offering the opportunity to search for oneself….but what is more difficult?

About LE SOUFFLE, she says : “This work of art suspended is an experience to live where creative forces, sometimes chaotic, hesitant and brutal, interact, confront or come together in a common goal: to exist”.



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